Linda's Weight Loss Story in Hornell NY

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Linda has lost 20 pounds in 4 weeks on the THIN weight loss program in Hornell NY. Here are her other wins:

I had not realized how unhappy my weight was making me until I lost it! I was miserable and actually mean at times because I hated the way I looked and felt. It seemed like everything I did to lose weight was too difficult and short-lived. And then I would starve myself, only to have the little weight I did lose come right back on the first time I ate anything. I felt that it was a losing battle.

But, my whole life has changed for the better since I’ve been on THIN. I now have such a positive and happy attitude that I feel like doing things that I have previously put off in the past. The weight seems to just drop off when you eat the correct foods for your body to be healthy and it is great incentive to keep going when you see such quick and positive results.

The Thin Program in Hornell NY

Prior to going on the Thin Program, I had what I referred to as “My Afternoon Yawns”. I could always tell when it was 3:00. Now, I have so much energy that I am never tired during the day. Carrying all that extra weight around was tough. Plus, eating the correct and healthy foods gave me energy so that I didn’t have those “low times” and longer. I actually WANT to work out and get stronger and feel even better.

There are many other “SIDE EFFECTS” of being on the Thin Program besides just losing the weight and feeling better about myself. (Which, in itself, is enough of a reason?)

  •  My allergies have gotten so much better. The dark circles under my eyes are gone.
  • I can hear better because I am not so congested from allergies! My headaches have greatly improved.
  • My skin feels better and clearer. People actually comment on it to me!
  • I actually DO have a waistline! My belly bloat is gone and my fingers and feet do not swell at the end of the day! I love wearing belts again!
  • Menopause symptoms that I have suffered in the past are gone! My belly is flat and no longer hangs over the top of my pants. My sleep is better and I wake up refreshed before the alarm goes off.
  • I am no longer addicted to carbs and sweets. My grocery bill is less because I am not buying junk food.
  • And I have saved the best for last...My swagger is back because I look good and I feel good! My confidence has returned and I am proud of myself for what I have accomplished. I smile and laugh more! I discovered that I am still “HOT”!!! It was just hidden under all the fat!


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