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Chiropractor Hornell NY Susan CosgroveI was born in Chicago and grew up in Evansville, Indiana.. I graduated from Indiana University in 1973 and from Logan Chiropractic College in St Louis Missouri in 1981. I've been practicing Chiropractic in Steuben County my entire professional life, for a short time in Wayland NY and since 1984 in Hornell NY.

I've had had over 3000 hours of continuing education in nutrition, children's chiropractic and shoulder, hip and knee injuries.

We, my husband and I, ( Dr Robert Smith, also a Chiropractor), have two daughters and three grand-dogs. In my spare time I play golf, badly, and ski only a little better. I have a special interest in healthy cooking and eating.

My Story:

I was a very sick kid. I was allergic to everything. I coughed, sneezed, wheezed and slept. Slept.I could have slept 20 hours a day. I was pretty sick, in fact until I got out of college. I hurt my back, and was finally persuaded to go to my friend's doctor. He did a very gentle examination, took x-rays and adjusted my spine. Not only did it not hurt, it felt good, and I started to feel better. I started to feel better than I EVER felt.In fact, my breathing started to get better. I was no longer sensitive to smoke and perfume and dust and every other chemical.

Did I mention that this doctor was a Chiropractor? My life immediately took a right turn and I went to Chiropractic College myself.

When my daughter began having the same symptoms I did---I knew what to do. I adjusted her. She's now a personal trainer and grew up taking advantage of a very different lifestyle than I did.

Now I have lots of folks coming to see me for their breathing, headaches, foot and knee pain, sleeplessness and back pain. I have the best job in the world. Everybody gets better.

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