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Chiropractic Hornell NY Thin Weight Loss Program

In This REPORT from our clinic in Hornell NY You Will Discover The Little Known Secrets That May Finally Release You From The Misery And Frustration of Being Overweight.

Our Weight Loss Program in Hornell NY

In This Newly Released Report You Will Read About Why You Are Stubbornly Overweight:

  • Why Women's Hormones Practically Force Them To Be Overweight
  • What Your (Male) Doctor Doesn't Understand About Weight Loss
  • Why You Can't Lose Weight Even On A 400 Calorie Diet
  • Why Keeping The Weight Off Is Impossible
  • Why The So-Called "Diet Foods" Will Guarantee You Weight-Loss Failure

Listen To What Others Have Said After Reading This Revealing Report...

I can't believe it took me so long to find this simple plan.
Ann, Scio NY

I had given up on ever losing weight. My size was just my size and there was nothing I could do about it. I found out that wasn't true.
Laura, Washington DC

Just Imagine How Good Life Could Be Without All Of That Weight

Dear Frustrated Dieter

I know this is not the first time you've looked into the solution for your weight loss problems.

Let's face it. We are all influenced by those slick commercials and editorials selling weight solutions.

That's why we try again and again---one more time to find the answer.

As a matter of fact, they now sell diet foods in Sam's Club in garaged sized quantities. People go down the aisle and toss them in their carts like they're potato chips or a 12 pack of beer.

Do the diets really work? Of course not. If they did, this wouldn't be one of the most widely read weight loss reports in the country.

Yes. This little document is being read by thousands of frustrated dieters like you.

But hopefully, by now, you're starting to figure out that going from one diet to another just doesn't make sense.

Today, almost half of America is overweight.

  • Every Monday, one person in 50 starts a diet. By Friday, 99% of those have abandoned it.
  • The second most common New Years Resolution is losing weight (after quitting smoking)
  • Only 1% of those who lose any weight at all keep it off for one year.

If You Are Truly Tired Of Being Overweight And Want to Do Something About It, Then Read This Report.

It Has Changed The Lives Of Thousands Of Frustrated Dieters...

Now It's Your Turn!

Why put out this report? Good Question.

Because This Is How We Get The Message Out To The Right People Who Are Ready For A Change. If You Weren't, You Wouldn't Be Reading This.

Drug companies have struggled to find a solution for weight loss "that they can patent". They will look for no other answer.

Remember Phen-Fen? Caused heart damage?

How about the Low Fat Revolution? Made all of us fatter than ever!

Or Olestra. The fake fat. Gave most people diarrhea. Made potato chips taste like toenails. Ugh!

That's why we have to tell you, because you will not hear this on television or the radio. Not even the internet.

Even traditional medical doctors, smart as they are, just tell you

  • You eat too much fat
  • You don't exercise enough
  • You eat too much sugar
  • You need to push yourself away from the table (I love this one)
  • Or they don't believe you when you tell them what you eat (because you probably don't eat as much as they think you do)

Why can't women lose weight?

I'm talking about women here, because we are a different species from men. (Everything in this report applies to men also. But women are the real challenge.)

1. Our bodies and hormones really want us to be fat. Fat is survival. Fat is fertility (Never mind that we've had our families.) Our extra estrogen is difficult to overcome. More estrogen = more femininity = more fat stores.

2. We eat the wrong foods to lose weight. Grains, especially whole grains, turn into sugar when we digest them. If you eat sugar, you're going to store fat---not burn fat. Simple biochemistry.

3. Our bodies cannot make to chemical shift to burn fat instead of sugar. Burning sugar is easy. Burning fat is harder.

4. Your body has created a set point. That means that you've been at your present weight long enough that your brain has decided that it's now normal. You probably won't gain much more weight, but you won't lose it either.

5. If you're eating small amounts of food, your metabolism is low and not burning many calories.

6. If you've done much dieting before, you've lost muscle along with the fat, and you don't have enough muscle left to sustain the weight loss. This is why you can't keep the weight off. And I really can't think of anything more frustrating.

(Remember when Oprah Winfrey lost so much weight on her TV show using MediFast? She came out when she reached her goal, wearing her designer jeans, dragging a wagon with the equivalent amount of fat piled on it? Do you know how long she kept that weight off? One day. The very next day she began gaining again. So sad.)

7. If you're eating low- or no-fat foods, you're probably getting a healthy dose of sugar with them = storing fat, not burning it.

8. You may have a diet soda habit. New research shows that even a sweet taste, real sugar or not, stimulates the release of insulin = storing fat, not burning it.

9. You may have even taken the extreme step of having bariatric surgery. This unfortunate procedure takes one problem and turns it into many problems. And it's irreversible. More about that later.

So if you want to get rid of all of those extra pounds, and live a confident life, you should be able to do that.

But don't go to a medical doctor, because they DON"T KNOW HOW TO LOSE WEIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh, they're great at telling you you need to lose weight.

But here's the good news.

We know how to do it.

So what do you want in a weight loss program?

1. You have to actually lose the weight.

2. You have to lose the weight fast enough to make the sacrifice worth it. And there is always a sacrifice. You have to change what you eat. No one expects to do the same things and have different results---do they? The key here---it's a small sacrifice.

3. It has to be composed of normal food, from a normal grocery store.
No prepackaged foods. No weird things you have to mail order.

4. It has to be simple. And you have to be able to do it yourself at home.

5. It has to taste good. You have to be able to eat things you like.

6. It has to be healthy.

7. You have to be able to keep the weight off.

Our average THIN client loses 20 pounds in 6 weeks.

Joyce wanted to lose 25 pounds before she had another baby. She didn't want to go into a pregnancy being so heavy. She exceeded that goal by 28 pounds, for a grand total of FIFTY-THREE pounds. She's achieved this amazing goal in FIVE MONTHS. In addition, she has no more blood sugar drops, resulting in weakness and dizziness, and no more back pain.

Doctor-Supervised Thin Weight Loss Program

I've lost 19 pounds in one month. I have more energy.
I've lost the swelling in my legs that I had every afternoon.
I feel great. This diet is so healthy. Laura, age 43

12-8-2013 Laura's update. After 14 weeks on the diet, I've lost 43 pounds. I can't tell you how good it is to be in control for the first time in my life. I thought I had bad feet and knees and couldn't walk very far. It was the weight. Also gone are my PMS symptoms and swollen feet. Even my immune system is better. A cold sometimes took me down for months. A recent cold lasted only a few days.
Fast, Long Term Weight Loss Is Just Drops Away!

As a Thin Weight Loss Center patient you’ll experience rapid,
healthy weight loss without hunger or cravings. By using and
adhering to our comprehensive, doctor-supervised program,
comprised of dietary/behavioral modification and nutritional support,
in about 42 days most of our ladies lose between 2 and 3 sizes
(20+ pounds) and the guys, bless their little black hearts, will lose
25 to 35 pounds.

What Is The Thin Program and How Does It Work?

The doctor-supervised program combines a very low calorie diet
with nuritional support and behavioral modification to help you improve
your health and lose weight without starvation. You also get strategies
and information to keep the weight off. As you know, keeping the
weight off is as hard, if not harder than, taking it off.

Thin was developed by the medical community over 70 years ago.
It’s been used by the biggest obesity clinics in the world for over 40
years. (Just how do you think those movie stars get back into pre-baby
shape so fast?)

The Thin formula is an FDA approved blend of safe ingredients
that does three important things:
• Increases your metabolism
• Helps your body access your own body fat for energy (and weight loss)
• It creates a new “set point” for your metabolism and Basal Metabolic Rate
• Prevents cravings and hunger

Traditional medical weight loss is:
• Expensive
• Requires drugs with side effects
• Results in a toxic weight loss - you lose as much muscle as
fat and then can’t keep the weight off
• Leave you hungry and dissatisfied

I've always been overweight. I thought I would always BE overweight.
I don't think I believed I could lose any weight at all. The first 14
days of the diet, I lost FOURTEEN POUNDS. Audrey - Bath NY

Lose Weight and Save Money? Absolutely!

All of the foods you eat are purchased at the grocery store.
There are no shakes or expensive pre-packaged foods to buy.
The average person saves between two and four hundred dollars
on food cost in six weeks.

So what IS the diet?

• You eat 2 meals per day
• The meals are a blend of lean protein, vegetables, fruit and carbohydrate
• It contains low glycemic index foods
• It’s anti-inflammatory
• You take 15 to 21 drops a day of a homeopathic remedy that
encourages your body to burn fat rather than muscle and prevents
cravings and hunger

Here’s How The Numbers Add Up

Calories Eaten 500
Calories Burned -2500
Net Loss 2000 calories 4000 calories = 1 pound = ½ pound lost per day

Is Thin Safe?

YES! It’s extremely safe. And it's not just safe---it's healthy!
Since this is a comprehensive, doctor-supervised program, we’re
able to ensure that it’s safe and effective. If you are not a candidate
for the Thin program, we will let you know.

Thin’s parent company is ChiroNutraceutical. To maintain the highest quality ingredient and manufacturing standards, all of our products use only 100% United States derived and formulated ingredients. Our manufacturing facility is FDA certified and in compliance with current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) and the Code of Federal Regulations (CFRs) for your safety.

Unlike many nutritional companies, ChiroNutraceutical holds it’s own individual FDA Establishment Number and is not available for
purchase on-line or Over-the-Counter.

I’ve been overweight for years, and I’ve tried everything. I could lose a few pounds, but I was so grouchy, my husband begged me to start eating again. This time it’s been easy. I’m not hungry and the weight is coming off easily.

- Tina, age 63, Cuba NY

How Do I Find Out If Thin Is Right For Me?

Call the office at (607) 324-2444, and tell Bonnie you want to make an appointment for a weight loss consultation. It’s free, and you might be able to get started right away.

"I look forward to meeting you in person. It will be a pleasure providing you with this free evaluation. Let's keep our fingers crossed and hope that there is help for you."

Dr. Susan Cosgrove
PS. If you've had bariatric surgery, you may still be a candidate for the program. Please call for your free consultation. (607) 324-2444


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