Seven Warning Signs That You Need To See Your Hornell NY Chiropractor

Seven Warning Signs That You Need To See Your Hornell NY Chiropractor

Seven Warning Signs That You Need To See Your Hornell NY Chiropractor

Many folks in Hornell NY I encounter tell me they’re fine.


The ugliest word in the language. Fine.

I think it means, “It’s not an emergency.” Or “Not really OK, but I can live with it.” Or “I’m mad but I don’t want to talk about it”.

Chiropractic is SO not about pain. It’s about Function. Energy. Living with Enthusiasm. Heck, you can get rid of pain with a pill. You can’t take a pill for energy—at least not for long. And the only pills I know of for enthusiasm are illegal.

There are 7 warning signs that you need to see your Chiropractor in Hornell NY:

Any one of them will hang around long before there’s pain.

1. You’re Cranky. Grouchy. Irritable. Angry. Sad. Know anybody like this? It’s one of the first signs your body isn’t working right. We see it often in kids. They’re just not happy. Come to think of it, we see it in all ages.

"My wife sends our kids to Dr. Susan when they get whiny. I couldn't believe at first how they would be different kids in the car on the way home from their adjustments."

- Matt and Sarah's Dad, Kevin Hornell, NY

2. You Can’t Sleep. Maybe can’t get to sleep. Maybe can’t stay asleep. Another very early warning of body malfunction. Since your body heals in your sleep, it’s one of the most damaging, overlooked traumas of living. Getting a good night sleep is the most reported benefit of Chiropractic.

"Since I've been getting adjusted, I've been sleeping all night. I hadn't slept all summer."

- Bob, age 44, Hornell NY

3. You Have Indigestion. Heartburn. Stomach aches before or after eating. Constipation. Diarrhea. The only building materials your body has is what you put in your mouth PLUS what your body can absorb. Any sort of gut malfunction prevents vitamins and minerals from being used for repairs and maintenance. (Aging = Poor repairs and maintenance)

"When I discovered that my osteoporosis had probably been aggravated by taking pills for acid reflux, I stopped them fast. But the reflux came back. Dr. Cosgrove showed me how to change my diet and helped my reflux. Now no more pills. And I'm saving over $100 a month with no pill copays."

- Joyce, age 67, Arkport NY

4. You Can’t Think Clearly. You have brain fog and CRS (Can’t Remember Stuff)

"I can't believe how fuzzy headed I used to be. My body just works better all over. My back, too."

- Dorothy age 62, Hammondsport, NY

5. You Get Every Cold and Virus Out There. Your immune system is in trouble. Taking one antibiotic after another with only create a situation of swinging from one emergency to another.

6. You Have No Energy. This is your body prioritizing scarce resources to handle emergencies. Your body is so inefficient, it’s using all of the available energy to keep your heart beating and keep you breathing. Chiropractic adjusting creates less physical stress, so your body isn’t using everything it has just to hold you upright.

7. You Are Taking Medication For A Symptom, and it used to work, but it’s not working anymore. For example, it you’re taking blood pressure medication, but it’s not controlling your blood pressure—it could be that the cause of the problem is somewhere else.

If you’re waiting until you have actual pain to get a problem handled, then your body has just shut you down to force you to rest. In our world that means missed work, missed fun, missed life...

Look at your body like a bank account. If you deposit money (exercise, good diet, regular chiropractic care) into your account (body) regularly, you will have extra funds (health) for your old age. If you don’t, you won’t. So are you withdrawing funds (junk food, stress, TV, drugs) and hoping for future prosperity (vitality, energy, enjoyment)?

That brings me to an interesting statistic:

  • 45% of people who never or rarely see Chiropractors spend some time in a nursing home before they pass.
  • Of those smart folks who see Chiropractors regularly - only 4% spend time in a nursing home!!! That’s not peanuts.

I don’t know about you, but I’m not eagerly planning my future nursing home stay.


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